Trevor Tchir

‘Sun & Moon’

Reviewed by Carl Filby

Trevor Tchir is a professor of politics at the University of Algoma, Ontario, Canada. He is also an accomplished musician who released his first album as long ago as 1999.
‘Sun & Moon’ is his fifth album and his first in twelve years and he has assembled an impressive array of supporting musicians who are all credited on the inner sleeve of the nicely packaged CD which contains a lyric sheet with the words of all 10 tracks.
Trevor describes the sound of the album as being “steeped in the Americana folk roots tradition” but the lyrics are clearly very important reflecting as they do his interest in politics and the challenges facing our democratic institutions. As both a son and a father the songs also express his take on family and the midlife experiences that face many or all of us.
Well, now for a confession! I am not the biggest fan of Americana music. That said it is impossible to dislike the music on this album, perhaps because the musicianship is so good and Trevor has a warm confident voice which he uses to good effect to express his carefully crafted lyrics.
My particular favourites on the album are ‘Iron Mountain’ and ‘Mr Speaker’. The first is described as “mid/up-tempo folk with bluegrass instrumentation” and is about his attempt to create a spiritual connection between his late father and his first child. Mr Speaker is “up-tempo folk/country rock” and as you might guess is about defending democratic institutions against the abuse of executive power.
In summary I would say that this album is well worth a listen for any music fans, especially so for those of ‘Americana’ and you can find more details on Trevor’s website.
‘Sun & Moon’ was due for release on major online platforms including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp on 6th August 2021 and is also available at