CD Reviews

You are very welcome to send in your CD for review by one of the Unicorn Folk team as and when time allows. Please send your CD to: Unicorn Folk, 9 Serby Avenue, Royston, Herts SG8 5EH

If you want to be certain of publicising your CD within a certain timeframe then you can do so by taking out an advert on this website at a highly competitive rate – click HERE for details.

Alden & Patterson Hunter
Bird in the Belly After the City
Bosun Higgs A Most Particular Vintage
Cambridge & Walker Wheel & Dive
Charley Foskett Late Bloomer
Dan Evans Au Vieux Moulin
Elizabeth & Jameson Northern Shores & Stories
Honey and The Bear Journey Through The Roke
Jenny Sturgeon The Living Mountain
Joe Danks Seaspeak
Joshua Burnell Flowers Where The Horses Sleep
Knight & Spiers Both In A Tune
Kris Drever Where The World Is Thin
Lizzy Hardingham Seven
O’Hooley & Tidow Live at St Georges
Oka Vanga Oka Vanga
Pete Nutkins Miscellany
Red Velvet If Hawks Were Doves
The Meadows Dreamless Days
Trevor Tchir Sun & Moon
Whistlebow Whistlebow
Zoe Wren Reckless River